By entering the Portland Public Market Parking Garage (“Garage”) as either a transient parking customer or pedestrian, you (“Parker”) may use the vehicle parking facility subject to the following terms and conditions:

CONTACT: LUX Partners LLC (“Manager”) is the Manager of the Garage for Northeast Investors LLC (“Owner”). All communications should be directed to Manager at (207) 774-0027 or park If you become locked out after hours, see the Lockouts section below for other contact information. 

COVENANTS: Parker shall not: (i) injure or deface the Garage; (ii) bring or store flammable fluids, or chemicals in the Garage; (iii) loiter and/or create or permit nuisances, objectionable noise or odor, or excessive vehicle fluid leaks at the Garage; and (iv) obstruct in any manner any portion of the Garage including approaches, driveways, ramps, sidewalks or entrance gates and doors.

LIABILITY: Park at your own risk. Neither Owner nor Manager will be liable for any damage, theft, loss or destruction to Individual Parker’s vehicle(s) or any other property or for any injury to Parker or any other person resulting from the use of the garage. Parker hereby waives, releases, hold harmless, and indemnifies Owner and Manager from any and all claims of loss, damage, injury, or death resulting from use of the Garage, excepting Landlord’s and Manager’s gross negligence and willful misconduct.  

PARKING LOCATIONS: You may use any unreserved parking spaces within the facility in compliance with all applicable rules and regulations posted in the Garage. The maximum dimensions for any vehicle entering the Garage are 7’1” height, 6’7” width and 17’ length; trailers are not permitted. 

PAYMENT: Parker will incur parking charges calculated according the rates displayed at the Garage entrances. Upon exiting, Parker must pay the full amount due via credit or debit card only. Cash is not accepted. 

LOCKOUTS: Current Garage hours, which are subject to change from time to time, are posted both on this website and throughout the Garage. Should you return to the Garage to retrieve your vehicle after hours, the doors will be locked and you must call our lockout service which is posted both on this website and throughout the Garage. A $50 fee applies and you must present the agent with that exact amount in cash.